• 1.  The School shall use Form 1 as standardized registration form bearing a unique number other than EWS and Disadvantage Category.

  • 2.  School Management will accept the self attested photocopies of the supporting documents with the Registration form . In no case original documents shall be submitted at the time of registration. Parent shall submit/show all original documents at the time of admission.

  • 3.   The school management shall scrutinize the registration form to verify the details and other particulars filled up by the parents or guardian.

  • 4.   The school management shall not conduct any interview or interaction with the child for whom admission is being sought. There also is no observation of the child either in formal or informal conditions.

  • 5.   The school Management shall not conduct any interview or interaction with the parents. However the School can have informal interaction with parents only with the purpose to ascertain the veracity and correctness of the documents /details, which will be communicated to the Parents in writing in advance.

  • 6.  No Registration will be done for incomplete applications and applications not supported by the proper documents.

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  • 7.  Schedule of dates for admission

    The school shall make the admission as per the following schedule:

    Availability of Registration form(On line) 15.12.2018(Saturday) to 07.01.2019(Monday)
    Last date of submission of registration form 07.01.2019(Monday)
    Uploading detail of children on DOE website/Notice board 21.01.2019(Monday)
    Uploading of Marks 28.01.2019(Monday)
    Screening of Forms and Draw of Lots 01.02.2019 to 04.02.2019
    Display of the first list of selected candidates (including waiting list) 04.02.2019 (Monday)
    Resolution of queries of parents 05.02.2019 to 12.02.2019
    Display of the second list of selected candidates (including waiting list) 21.02.2019(Thursday)
    Resolution of queries of parents 22.02.2019 to 28.02.2019
    Displaying the third list (If require) 15.03.2019 (Friday)
    Closure of admission process: 31.03.2019(Sunday)
  • 8.  Depositing of Fee (Only for general category)

    1st List candidate 04.02.2019(Monday) to 19.02.2019(Tuesday) upto 01:00 p.m.
    2nd List candidate 21.02.2019(Thursday) to 14.03.2019(Thursday)

    Note: (Time schedule may be changed, if necessary, with the prior approval of Managing Committee.)

  • 9.  Refund of Fee:Admission withdrawn/Cancelled due to one reason or another, the fees shall be refunded as per following norms :-

    (a) Immediately (same day), after depositing the fees: Except admission fee, entire fee shall be refunded.

    (b) Within one month after depositing the full fee admission of the child:   Except registration fee, admission fee,one month tuition fee, entire fee shall be refunded. No fee and other charges shall be refunded after one month.

  • 10.  The School Management shall furnish detailed information regarding admission in the (Nursery, KG) in prescribed format to DDE. (SW- A).

  • 11.  Regarding Fee Structure for the academic year: 2019-20: The Fee structure of the School for the academic year 2018-19 & 2019-20 has been forwarded to Directorate of Education for approval. Till receipt of the approval, following fee structure to be followed. The said Fee Structure is as under except students under EWS/ disadvantage Category.

Registration Fee: Rs. 25/-

NURSERY 200 6360 2640 17400

Note 1:Transportation charge: As per distance

TRANSPORT CHARGES 2019-20 (Charged for 11 months)

Place Amount
Up to 3 km (VasantKunj) 1200 per month
Up to 6 km (LadoSarai, Ghitorani- Ext/Encl, AndheriaMorh, Nanda Farms, Maiden Garhi, Rahjpur, Nebsarai) 1300 per month
Beyond 6 km (Jaunapur, Radhaswami, Ayanagar, FatehpurBeri) 1400 per month
(Mahipalpur, Rangpuri) 1300 per month

Note 2:Fee is required to be deposited by 10th of the consecutive Month. Fine will be charged @Rs. 10/- per day after 10th of Consecutive month.

Note 3:In case of bouncing of cheque, a sum of Rs.100/- will be charged as penalty.

Note 4:Name of the student may be struck off on the last consecutive day of the month, if fee along with fine is not deposited.

Note 5:Tuition Fee will be accepted on quarterly basis for the ( April-June) & (Jan- March) quarter. However for other month fee can be deposited monthly.

Note 6:Fee will be accepted through cheques only except in unavoidable circumstances. You can send the same through your ward, too, thus saving you the trouble to come & pay the fees at the counter. Please make the cheque in favour of MASONIC PUBLIC SCHOOL and mention “A/C payee” & the amount in words & figures. On the reverse side of the cheque, please ensure to mention your ward’s name, class, admission number & the month/months the fees is being paid for.