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Assessment and Curriculum

PRE-PRIMARY:The Pre-Primary stage is the age of foundation of a child’s personality where two-third of intellect is formed. The Pre-Primary wing of the school comprises Nursery and KG which caters to all the needs of early childhood learning. The curriculum is open ended and the focus is on experiential learning. Nursery and KG curriculum includes recognition, reading and writing of Hindi and English alphabet, small words and basic Mathematical concepts. Environmental studies is taught with project and picture based activities. Life-skills is taught to make the students more adaptable to different situations.

PRIMARY:At this level, the student is exposed to a wide range of subjects and material which is designed according to the Uniform System of Assessment as per the new CBSE guidelines. The session is divided into two terms which includes 4 Class Tests, 3 Periodic Tests, Half Yearly Examination and Final Term Examination.

Note:The schedule of all the tests and examinations is given in students’ almanac.

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MIDDLE:CBSE has decided to implement the Uniform System of Assessment and Examination pattern for Classes VI – VIII. MPS in accordance with the aforesaid measures will be following the below stated Assessment and Examination structure.

It will be comprised of two terms, Term – I and Term – II.
TERM – I (100 Marks) TERM – II (100 Marks)
Notebook Submission – 5 marks Notebook Submission – 5 marks
Subject Enrichment – 5 marks Subject Enrichment – 5 marks
Periodic Tests – 10 marks Periodic Tests – 10 marks
Half Yearly Exam – 80 marks Half Yearly Exam – 80 marks

SECONDARY:CBSE has restored the Board Examination for Class X and has revised further the assessment structure from the Academic Year 2017-18 onwards.


Total 100 marks


80 Marks

(Board Examination)

Student has to secure 33% marks out of 80 marks in each subject

20 Marks (Internal Assessment)

Student has to secure 33% marks out of overall 20 marks earmarked in each subject

Periodic Test 
(10 Marks)

Notebook Submission 
(5 Marks)

Subject Enrichment Activity 
(5 Marks)





Board will conduct Class-X Examination for 80 marks in each subject covering 100% syllabus of the subject of Class-X only.

Periodic written    Test in each subject.

This will assess:

•  Regularity

•  Assignment     Completion

•  Neatness &     upkeep of     notebook

Speaking and listening skills


Speaking and listening skills


Practical Lab work


Maths Lab Practical

Social Science

Map Work and Project Work

Subject Enrichment Activities: These subject specific activities are aimed at enhancing the understanding and skills of the students. These activities will be conducted throughout the year and shall be evaluated at the term end. To develop effective speaking and listening skills in language, activities such as recitation, role play, declamation, picture reading and debate shall be carried out. Hands-on activities, Lab work and Project work shall be conducted in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Co-Scholastic Activities : For the holistic development of the students, the students shall be graded in Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education. Aspects such as regularity, sincere participation, output and teamwork shall be the criteria for grading the co-scholastic activities.

Discipline : The students will be graded term wise for discipline, based on factors such as attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values.

SENIOR SECONDARY:Students of Class XI and XII may take Science, Commerce or Humanities course, each of which cover 5 subjects.

The Science Course: English, Physics and Chemistry are the compulsory subjects for the students.

The Medical Stream : Biology as the fourth subject while the fifth subject can be Maths or Psychology or Physical Education.

The Non Medical Stream : This has fourth subject as Mathematics and the fifth subject can be Computer Science or Economics or Physical Education.

The Commerce Course: English, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics are compulsory subjects. For the fifth subject, students have a choice of Mathematics / Psychology/ IP/ Physical Education.

The Humanities Course: English, History, Political Science are compulsory subjects. Psychology / IP / Maths / Physical Education can be opted as the fifth subject. The class XII course culminates in the All India Senior Secondary Examinations, which is also conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.