School ID: 1720155
CBSE Affliation No: 2730403

Transport, Safety & Security

Students using buses are picked up and dropped only at the pre-fixed stops. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to bring and pick up their wards to and from the school bus stops. The code of conduct while using school transport is explained in the students’ almanac and by the teachers. Students are expected to follow the code.
A number of measures have been adopted by the school for the safety of the students. The buses are equipped with GPS system to track the exact location of bus. Both the conductors and drivers are police verified. The drivers have proper license with valid badges & their qualification as per norms. The buses are equipped with First Aid boxes for any emergency. Attendance of children is taken on a daily basis both in the morning and afternoon and teachers accompany students on the routes.
Besides the safety measures in the school buses, a number of Security Measures are taken to ensure the safety of students in the School.
CCTV monitoring in the campus helps to keep a strict vigil preventing mischief of any kind.
Professional security personnel man the school gates to ensure that no strangers or miscreants enter the campus.
Identity of school bus drivers, helpers and guards & their security check is done prior to their employment in school.
Furthermore teachers are also on duty to ensure safety of children during break and dispersal time.
SMS/Phone calls are sent in case of any emergency.


Current and prospective parents must read school policies in the school diary. For any further information school authorities may be contacted. The School policies are clearly marked for:

  • Admissions, discipline and withdrawal.
  • Education and other provision for pupils.
  • Behaviour and sanctions.
  • Health, Hygiene, Safety & Security.
  • Communication
  • Child Protection

Staff plays an active role in monitoring the implementation of School’s policy.

Code of Conduct

Assemblies, Games, House Activities, Clubs and Social Initiatives are organised to:

  • Promote tolerance of each other and respect for each other’s position within the school community.
  • Promote positive images and role models to avoid prejudice and raise awareness of related issues.
  • Foster an open-minded approach and encourage pupils to recognize the contributions made by different cultures.
  • Understand why and how we will deal with offensive language and behaviour.
  • Understand the importance of dealing with any incidents promptly and in a sensitive manner. Harassment in all its forms, is unacceptable.
  • Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies propose clear procedures for dealing with it.

A successful equal opportunities policy requires strong and positive support from parents and guardians and full acceptance of the School’s ethos of tolerance and respect.